USC Fulbright Faculty/Staff Scholars


Phillip E. Barnes
School of the Environment - USC Columbia, Morocco

Gloria Boutte
Instruction & Teacher Education - USC Columbia, Nigeria



Emily Katherine Brock
College of Arts & Sciences (Dept. of History), USC Columbia, Phillippines

Yasemin Yelda Kor-Sebeczek
Darla Moore School of Business, USC Columbia, Turkey

Accepted for Fulbright Specialist Program Placement:

Kyle Herbert

Health Policy & Mgmt. Affiliate, USC Columbia, Seeks placement in UK


Gloria Boutte
Teacher Instruction & Education, USC Columbia, South Africa

Doyle E. Stevick
Education Leadership & Policies, USC Columbia, Estonia

Hildy J. Teegen
Moore School, Int'l Business, USC Columbia, Austria

Accepted for Fulbright Specialist Program Placement:

James F. Flanagan
Law School, USC Columbia, Seeks placement in Chile


Duncan Alfred
Law School –USC Columbia, Nigeria

Christine Ellen Caldwell Ames
Histroy, USC Columbia, France

Holly Adryan Crocker
Languages, Literature & Cultures, USC Columbia, Germany

Alan Deco
Environmental Health Sciences, –USC Columbia, United Kingdom

Joshua Eagle
Law School –USC Columbia, United Kingdom

Bret Kloos
Psychology –USC Columbia, Portugal

Tatiana Kostova
Moore School, Int'l Business –USC Columbia, Austria

Sarah Langston
Study Abroad –USC Columbia, Japan

Colleen Claudia O'Brien
Area Studies –USC Upstate, Canada

Jody Pritt
International Student Services –USC Columbia, South Korea


Thomas Preston Crocker
Law - USC Columbia, Germany

Cynthia Jeanne Davis
English - USC Columbia, Italy


Sandra Lou Hochel
Communications –USC Aiken, Malaysia

Caroline R. Nagel
Geography –USC Columbia,  Lebanon

David Charles Virtue
Instruction & Teacher Education, USC Cola., Norway


Katherine Barbieri
Political Science, USC Columbia, Israel

Michael Ryan Galbreth
Management Science/Moore- USC Columbia, Canada


Phillip E. Barnes
School of the Environment-USC Columbia, Morocco

Claudia R. Benitez-Nelson
Geological Sciences & Marine Science Program-USC Cola., Spain

James R. Hebert
Epidemiology & Biostatistics/Public Health-USC Cola., India

Laura K. Kissel
Dept. of Art-USC Columbia, China

Richard Paul Ray
Civil & Environmental Engineering-USC Cola., Hungary

Jennifer Lee Wilson
Instruction & Teacher Education-USC Columbia, Norway


Martin S. Catino
USC Aiken, Bahrain

David William Damrel
History, Political Science, Philosophy & American Studies, USC Upstate

Elizabeth Gabrielle Kuenzli,
History-USC Columbia, Bolivia


Timothy J. Bergen
Educational Studies-USC Columbia, Jordan

Robert Andrew Raguso
Biological Sciences-USC Columbia, South Africa

Robert Smith Thompson
Political Science-USC Columbia, Russia

Lizabeth Anne Zack
Social Sciences, Philosophy and History-USC Spartanburg, Jordan


David Cowart
English-USC Columbia, Japan

Becky W. Lewis
Continuing Education-USC Columbia, Jordan

Thomas Edward Terrill
History-USC Columbia, Turkey

Hoyt N. Wheeler
Management, Moore School, USC Columbia, Germany
(German Distinguished Chair in American Studies)

Thomas Judson McConnell
Languages, Literature & Composition-USC Spartanburg, Czech Republic


Lawrence Ford Rhu
English-USC Columbia, Portugal

Joan Marie Donohue
Management Science/Moore-USC Columbia, China

Constance Bartlett Schulz
History-USC Columbia, Italy


Sandra Lou Hochel
Communications, USC Aiken, Hungary

Niren M. Vyas
Business Administration-USC Aiken, Nepal

Ann Elizabeth Kingsolver
Anthropology-USC Columbia, Sri Lanka

Donald Emery Weatherbee
Walker Institute-USC Columbia, Philippines


Claire Marjorie Aelion
Environmental Sciences-USC Columbia, Netherlands

Benjamin Franklin
English-USC Columbia, Germany

Joel Myerson
English-USC Columbia, Japan

Margaret L. Perkins
TEFL/Applied Linguistics-USC Columbia, Morocco


Jeeva S. Anandan
Physics & Astronomy-USC Columbia, United Kingdom

Frank Titus Avignone, III
Physics & Astronomy-USC Columbia, Italy

Timothy Joseph Jr. Bergen
Education-USC Columbia, Cambodia

Mark Wakeman DeLancey
Government & Int’l Studies-USC Columbia, Indonesia

Thomas Lekan
History, USC Columbia (non-U.S.); Germany

Juliann Sivulka
Journalism & Mass Communication-USC Columbia, Japan

Niren M. Vyas
Business Administration-USC Aiken, Nepal


Ronald R. Atkinson
History-USC Columbia, Uganda

Amittai F. Aviram
English-USC Columbia, Germany

Constance Bartlett Schulz
History-USC Columbia, United Kingdom

William Richard Stanley
Geography-USC Columbia, Namibia


Frank Titus Avignone, III
Physics & Astronomy-USC Columbia, Italy

James Nelson Kellogg
Geology-USC Columbia, Morocco

Alan V. Wieder
Education-USC Columbia, South Africa




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