Review/Renew an Agreement

Agreements with international institutions are legal contracts that have been approved by the academic unit head and the dean of the College/School initiating the agreement, Global Carolina, the Office of the Provost, the Office of General Counsel (Legal), and signed by the Office of the Board of Trustees (University President or Secretary of the Board of Trustees). 

International agreements are catalogued by Global Carolina and a review/renewal process based on University Policy ACAF 2.06 International Academic Agreements is initiated at the appropriate time by the Office of the Provost. The directions below establish the protocol for the review/renewal of an international agreement.

Protocol for the Review and Renewal of an International Agreement

  1. Global Carolina initiates and coordinates a review of the agreement or program activity in the last 6 months of the life of the agreement or 6 months prior to an automatic renewal date as specified in the agreement terms. Global Carolina notifies the Department's Agreement Coordinator that the contract is set to expire and requests an International Agreement Review Form be completed.

    If the agreement is recommended for termination:

    • the Department contacts the partner to make its intent known.  If the agreement has expired and does not automatically renew, the Department need not notify the partner.
    • the Department's Agreement Coordinator submits the International Agreement Review Form in the Global Carolina Database, selecting the option to terminate the agreement.

            If an agreement is set to automatically renew and the Department does not wish to make any changes to
            the original agreement

       If an agreement does not automatically renew, but the Department wishes to renew it:

    • The Department's Agreement Coordinator will submit the following:
      • International Agreement Review Form, approved by the Department Head and/or Dean.
      • A renewal agreement  stating a clear end date and what, if any, changes are needed to the existing agreement.
        • If necessary, the Department works with the international partner to address any issues that may have arisen over the course of the relationship and makes changes to the draft renewal agreement to develop a final version renewal agreement.
      • Contract Approval Form:.The Head of the Department initiating the agreement should sign under Certification of Requesting Party and the Dean (or designee) should sign under Certification of Department Head.


  • Once signed by the President or Secretary of the Board of Trustees, the renewal agreement returns to Global Carolina, which notifies the Department that the renewal agreement is ready to be sent to the international partner either for the partner’s signature or as a fully executed agreement.

    • The Department may choose to have the Global Carolina ship the renewal agreement to the partner institution or rather may send the renewal agreement itself. 

    • If Global Carolina sends the renewal agreement, the Department provides Global Carolina with contact information for the international partner so the renewal agreement may be sent via FedEx. 

  • If the renewal agreement has not yet been signed by the international partner, the sender of the renewal agreement (either Global Carolina or the Department) attaches a cover letter to notify the partner to have the renewal agreement signed and then returned to the sender.

  • When the renewal agreement is returned by the international partner to Global Carolina, Global Carolina sends one (1) original copy of the signed renewal agreement to the Department.  

      • Alternatively, when the renewal agreement is returned by the international partner to the Department, the Department sends one (1) original copy of the signed agreement to Global Carolina.

  • Global Carolina sends one (1) original copy of the signed renewal agreement to the Office of General Counsel to be finalized.

  • Global Carolina updates all records relating to the contract and catalogues the renewal agreement.

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